PayPal SGD - BRL exchange rate

PayPal 1 SGD = 3.9652 BRL
-5.5% compared to mid-market rate
ProviderSGD - BRL rateMid-market rate comparisonLearn moreTransfer feeRecipient gets
PayPal review
3.96522-5.5%6.69 SGD
5921.29 BRL
Wise review
4.196620%Mid-market rate 0%14.84 SGD
6232.65 BRL
Remitly review
4.15464-1%4.99 SGD
6211.23 BRL
OFX review
3.98932-4.9%0.00 SGD
5983.99 BRL

What is the PayPal SGD - BRL exchange rate today?

The live PayPal exchange rate for SGD to BRL is 3.96522.

This is the mid market rate -5.5%.

The full fee you pay to convert currencies or send money overseas can include a couple of different fees, depending on the provider you select. Comparing your options is always a smart move, so you’ll know you’re getting the best deal on the market for your specific transfer. Read on for more about the fees and exchange rates that can apply to your transaction - and to compare the PayPal exchange rate with some alternatives.

What is the mid-market rate?

The mid-market exchange rate is the only 'real' exchange rate. It’s the rate you’ll find on Google or with a currency converter tool. It’s also the rate that banks and money transfer services get when they buy and sell currencies on global markets.

The retail exchange rate that banks and money transfer services provide to their customers may not be the same as the mid-market rate. That’s because many organizations add a markup - an extra fee - to the rate they use to convert currencies for their customers. The markup used by different organizations can vary pretty widely, which is why it may seem like there are lots of different exchange rates being used at any one time.

The real SGD to BRL exchange rate today is 4.19662.

What is the PayPal currency conversion fee for SGD to BRL?

The PayPal SGD to BRL exchange rate is 3.96522. This is -5.5% compared to the mid-market rate.

On top of the currency conversion fee you pay to PayPal, you may also pay a transfer fee or service charge. The fees for sending money to Brazil depend on a few factors, such as the amount you're sending and your preferred payment method.

The currency conversion fee that is used can vary depending on the specific currency you're sending, and based on changes in the currency exchange markets. Let's take a look at the currency conversion fees charged by PayPal for several other international transfer routes and how they compare with the mid-market rate.

Currency routePayPal exchange rateMid market rateMarkup %
SGD - USD 0.712910.745406-4.4%
SGD - GBP 0.55110.576628-4.4%
SGD - CAD 0.980321.02743-4.6%

How does the PayPal SGD to BRL rate compare with other providers?

Mid-market exchange rates change all the time, based on movements in global currency markets. On top of that, providers may adjust the currency conversion fees they use when calculating their retail exchange rates, based on the specific currencies involved, and how they expect markets to move.

That means the best way to check how PayPal's live SGD to BRL exchange rate compares to other providers is to use a comparison site like this one, where you'll find the latest exchange rate and fee details across a range of reputable money transfer services.

How much does it cost to send SGD - BRL with PayPal?

The fee for sending SGD - BRL with PayPal can vary depending on a few factors such as the way you decide to pay, and the amount sent. It's also helpful to remember that there may be a couple of different fees involved, depending on the specific details of your payment, including a transfer fee and a currency conversion fee. If your payment is processed through the SWIFT network, you may also find that intermediary fees are deducted from the transfer amount as it's processed.

Typically, to send 1000 SGD - BRL with PayPal will mean you pay a fee of 6.694584. The live PayPal exchange rate that will be used to process your transfer is 3.96522. This is the mid market rate -5.5%.

Compare PayPal SGD to BRL rates and fees

Where does PayPal send money to?

You can send money with PayPal on a number of payment routes covering different currencies and countries. Double check if PayPal supports the payment route you need on their desktop site or app.


What exchange rate PayPal uses for SGD Brazil?

PayPal calculates the SGD to BRL exchange rate by taking the mid-market exchange rate and adding a variable markup, depending on the currencies and market conditions.

How much tax does PayPal charge to send SGD to BRL?

If you're unsure about how PayPal's SGD to BRL tax, fees and exchange rates work, you'll be able to reach out to the customer service team directly.

How long does it take to send money with PayPal?

The amount of time it takes to send money with PayPal will depend on various factors like the payment value and specific service you use. You'll often be able to see an estimate of delivery time before you confirm your transfer, and can track your payment by logging into your account.

What is the mid-market rate?

The mid-market exchange rate is the rate that banks and providers use when they buy and sell currencies on wholesale markets. This exchange rate is sometimes passed on to retail customers, although some providers calculate their retail exchange rate by adding a markup to the mid-market rate, which is an extra fee.